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May 15, 2016

For me, looking for hawks in the sky above is like looking for a fierce grace. I tell a story of an appointment in time and space I had with a red tailed hawk... and what it taught me about what might be possible for the bruised and blessed reality of our lives.

Apr 25, 2016

Is there a Law of Unintended Consequences? Like the law of gravity or cause and effect? We will have fun with the unintended, the unanticipated, and the sometimes unwanted this morning and see where it moves us in our quest for meaning

Apr 25, 2016

This sermon examines Franz Schubert’s life, music and poetry to pique our interest in his beliefs.

Mar 4, 2016

I apologize - the recording device was skipping and it effects the content... 

Feb 19, 2016

This morning we will explore our power to listen. What can sound and listening teach us about life’s goodness, theology or the holy or about life and living? How can the power of sound unlock a deeper resounding space of wisdom for us?

Feb 19, 2016

The following poem by James Agee, as sung by the choir, is inspiration for our morning meditation.

Sure On This Shining Night

Sure on this shining night
Of star made shadows round,
Kindness must watch for me
This side the ground.
The late year lies down the north.
All is healed, all is health.
High summer holds the earth.
Hearts all whole.
Sure on this shining night

I weep for wonder wand'ring far
Of shadows on the stars.

Feb 19, 2016

With the closure of LAUSD this week, we look at how Unitarian Universalists had a calling and an agenda through the history of the United States to communicate values - particularly around elevating the cultural norms about children - at Christmastime. 

Unitarian Universalism has a history of “The Work of Christmas”... a work larger than one particular religion, one specific faith system or spectrum of philosophy. Our Unitarian Universalist history sources from Christianity, but is not contained by it. We have liberty to take all the best things from our heritage and leave the rest behind. Some of the best of our heritage is when we overcome darkness, fear, oppression and growing acts of violence and set a new vision and work toward it with enthusiasm. 


Feb 19, 2016

The art of asking questions that illumine and reveal is a life skill that serves us well. Find out more about that skill this morning, explore your own beautiful questions. Sometimes our vision is low… but there are beautiful questions that cause us to lift our head.